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With over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, AD WATERS has developed an invaluable know-how and expertise in North America.

Today, with branches in all corners of the continent, AD WATERS distributes an impressive range of market-leading lines of plumbing products, presenting a complete offering to its clients.

Retail network and sales team

AD WATERS products are available through a vast network of 2,000+ retailers and wholesalers, providing effective and rapid market penetration to our manufacturing partners.

Our professional sales team cover the entirety of the North American market through our four main branches and two satellite offices.

Projects and product development

AD WATERS has a proven track record in getting products specified on major hospitality and residential projects, thanks to a team of sales people dedicated to the specification market.

Our in-house research and development department is specialized in adapting product designs to North American market specificities and obtaining required certifications and approval codes for the U.S. and Canada.

High visibility marketing

The AD WATERS marketing team is devoted to bringing products to market in an effective and comprehensive way, while leveraging public relations and advertising.

Our five corporate showrooms across Canada and the United States, including one located in the Soho district in New York City, are dedicated to product specification and offer a unique window on the North American market.

An exhibitor at North America’s major fairs, AD WATERS also pursues its own marketing events such as product launches, influencers’ evenings and A&D cocktails held at its showrooms.

Effective distribution and logistics

AD WATERS network of five distribution and logistics centers runs on the on the award-winning Epicor Prophet 21 distribution system.

We have customer service centers located in each strategic region (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Phoenix), servicing clients in their respective time zones (Eastern Time, Mountain Time and Pacific Time).


The AD WATERS team is composed of several highly skilled executives who combine vast and invaluable experience in export, import, sales and marketing in the North American bathroom industry. Each has worked for companies that have been trendsetters in their respective product categories (bathtubs, showers, bathroom furniture, sinks, accessories, lighting, faucets, etc.) and sectors (manufacturing, distributing and retail).

Combining their individual skills and varied backgrounds, AD WATERS brings the best players in the business to the same table.

Antonio Masecchia


Marco Vincelli

Vice President – Marketing & USA Sales

Tony Petrini

Vice President – Canada


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