The MB2 is one of the very latest faucet collections by AB. Each MB2 faucet includes two types of handle inserts, allowing you to change it up depending on your preference for either a knurled or smooth texture. This collection is offered in polished chrome and brushed gold, and can also be ordered in an array of custom finishes. Discover all of AB’s latest trends of faucet designs featured in the newly launched 2019 catalogue!

NEW – Ikleen Smart Toilet

Introducing the Stonetouch Ikleen Smart Toilet, a perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize your bathroom experience. In a world where cleanliness, convenience, and technology are becoming increasingly important, the Stonetouch IKleen Smart Toilet is the new standard of personal hygiene.


Spanish manufacturer Royo produces vanities that offer smart storage solutions for both large and small bathrooms. Every vanity includes individual compartments in its top drawer, optimizing the organization of all those smaller objects that tend to create clutter. Its spacious full extension opening drawers are equipped with European-made hinges, drawer tracks, and soft-close system. Some of its larger-sized vanities come with an off-centered sink, creating a larger singular surface for even more practicality.


Winner of the prestigious Compasso d’oro award, the 5MM is the only bathroom faucet collection to have received such a distinction. Its particularity comes from the thickness of the faucet – 5 millimeters or  3/16 in – which is constant in all elements that compose it, from the spout to the levers. This technological feat is transposed into its absolutely unique ethereal design.


Harmonize color and texture with Fiora’s new MURO wall panels. 100% waterproof, the MURO panels not only allow for a quick and easy installation, but just like the Fiora shower bases, they are also customizable on site to your shower space. Made of Fiora’s patented Silexpol material, its everlasting nanobath properties makes this product easy to clean thanks to its bacteriostatic and fungistatic technologies, preventing the appearance of fungus, bacterial cultures and reducing the appearance of surface stains.


With a vast range of UPC certified bathroom and kitchen collections, shower components and accessories, ALT provides budget-conscious ALTernative solutions without compromising on design, functionality, materials nor manufacturing techniques..


Founded in the 1950’s in Portugal, OLI is a world renowned manufacturer of in-wall toilet carriers. Their OLI74 PLUS in-wall carrier is ready for a 2’’x 4’’ and 2’’x 6’’ installation and is equipped with a revolutionary delayed refill system, allowing additional water savings per flush. Not only has reliability been the pillar of their reputation over the years, but their alluring flush-plate designs are in a class of their own.


Founded in 1955, Simas is an Italian manufacturer of modern and cutting-edge bathroom products specializing in ceramic designs handmade exclusively in Italy. The brand boasts a dazzling collection of basins, toilets and vanities.

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